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Oral Surgery in Stone Ridge

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Why Would I Need Oral Surgery?

If you have a complex oral health issue in Stone Ridge, you may need to have oral surgery from Dr. Nicole Rivera at Aldie Dental Care. For example, if you need a dental implant but your jaw bone is weak because of tooth loss, a sinus lift or bone graft might be necessary before you can get an implant. Learn more about oral surgery in Aldie below, or contact us to schedule an appointment right away. We proudly serve Stone Ridge, Aldie, and South Riding.

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What to Expect From Your Consultation

To begin the process, Dr. Nicole Rivera will discuss your oral health and your smile goals with you, and learn more about your mouth. She will also perform a comprehensive oral exam to check your oral health and identify any potential issues that need to be addressed.

As part of your consultation, x-rays and other images of your mouth may be taken to identify oral health issues and determine the best treatment to restore your mouth.

Once Dr. Rivera has completed your oral exam and taken images of your mouth, she will discuss the treatments that may be right for you, including oral surgeries like bone grafts, sinus lifts, alveoloplasty, and tori removal. Then, you can begin the process of restoring your smile.

Types of Oral Surgery

Bone grafts are done to add more bone tissue to your jaw bone before a dental implant can be placed. In this procedure, a small opening will be made in the jaw and gum tissue, and bone powder will be packed into the area, which will be sutured shut to heal.

Then, over time, natural bone material will heal over the bone powder to restore your jaw bone, and strengthen it sufficiently for the placement of a dental implant.

A sinus lift is similar to a bone graft, but it’s used if you are replacing one of your upper teeth with a dental implant.

The basic procedure is the same, with an incision being made into your gums and jaw to add more bone material. But in a sinus lift, the sinus lining will also need to be gently lifted and moved out of the way to accommodate the new bone material, so this is a slightly more complex procedure.

This procedure is typically done as part of a tooth extraction, but can also be performed on its own. Alveoloplasty, also known as “bone ridge smoothing,” involves using special dental tools to smooth out sharp ridges in your jaw bone. This is often required before the placement of dental implants or dentures, since prominent jaw bone ridges can interfere with the proper fitting of dentures and implants.

Dental tori are harmless bone growths that can occur on both the upper and lower palate, and they don’t usually need to be removed. However, if you are being fitted for a dental prosthesis like dentures, these bony growths must be removed to ensure your new smile fits into your mouth perfectly.

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